Help and FAQs

Swyvl is still in its early stages. We will keep this page updated with a basic help-guide and FAQs.


Frequently Asked Question

Do you need an app to view in AR mode?

No! Swyvl uses the latest technology including Scene Viewer and WebXR for Android and Quick Look for iOS which means that the majority of mobile devices support AR mode from the web-browser, no app needed. You can view a list of Swyvl supported devices here.

Can I just use the web-viewer without AR mode?

You can disable the AR mode in the Builder if you just wish to show 3D models in the browser without using AR mode.

I have an item that I want to show on a wall rather than the floor, can I do that?

In the Builder you can select if you wish the AR item to be placed on the floor or wall.

What are the model requirements for Swyvl?

Currently you will need to have a GLB or glTF file for the web-viewer and Android AR mode, you will also need a USDZ file for the iOS AR mode (we are currently working on an automated system that will create these files for you). 

Poly count 50,000 tris or less
Texture formats PNG (PNG-24, and indexed PNG-8), and JPG image formats
Texture size limit 2048 x 2048 or smaller
Material GLTF PBR Materials
File size 50mb or smaller (the smaller the better)
I don't have any 3D models for my project, where can I get these?

You can purchase 3D models from sites such as Turbosquid to use in your project, or get in contact with us if you would like our team to create the models for you.

Supported Devices and Browsers

The Swyvl Viewer is supported by the last two major versions of most web-browsers. AR features require a compatible ARCore (Android) device to use WebXR, or ARKit (iOS) to use AR QuickLook. 

The following is a list of devices to use the AR features;


To use AR on Android devices, users must have an;

  • Recent version of Chrome or Samsung Internet
  • ARCore supported device running Android 7.0 Nougat (API Level 24) or later. To view a full-list of supported devices click here.
  • An up to date (recent) version of Google Play Services AR. This service is automatically installed and kept up to date on the vast majority of ARCore supported devices.

To use AR on iOS devices, users must have an;

  • Recent version of Chrome or Safari
  • iOS 12+ with ARKit
  • iPhone SE, 6s and above or iPad 5th generation and above. To view a full-list of supported devices click here.